Canadian Domestic Shipping Now Offered!

Canadian Domestic Shipping Now Offered!

Welcome to Tea Runners Canada! 

An important part of the Tea Runners experience is to be able to purchase full-sized bags of your favourite teas.

Because all our full-sized teas are warehoused in the United States, customs fees, duty fees, brokerage fees, and expensive shipping made this an unpleasant experience for our Canadian customers. 

We're happy to announce we have opened a Canadian facility to avoid all the fees and shipping costs associated with ordering full-sized teas from our U.S. warehouse.


How It Works 

We will be warehousing our most popular teas in Canada and they can be ordered anytime.

Once a month, we will be opening our entire inventory to Canadian customers and importing your orders into Canada at no cost to you.


Christmas Gifts

Christmas is coming and Tea Runners makes a great gift!

In November, we will have gift subscriptions, gift baskets, and a new assortment of teaware available for purchase in Canada. 


If you have any questions about our new domestic shipping in Canada, please contact us.  We'd love to hear from you!

~ Tea Runners