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Aged Da Hong Pao Rock Oolong Tea

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Although not officially part of the 2023 harvest, this is a new arrival we received with all the 2023 teas.

Presenting a delightful aged Da Hong Pao sourced from the Wu Yi Mountains in Fujian.

This tea was harvested in 2006 and went through 3 gentle roasting sessions spanning over a decade. The outcome is an intricate tea endowed with robust 'cha qi' (tea energy).

If you've never had an aged rock oolong, you're in for a surprise. This tea has an aroma and flavor that may be new to you.

On the initial steeps, you may experience a fragrance of vanilla and roasted currants. The flavor profile boasts a harmonious interplay of roast, vanilla, and a delicate mineral rock sweetness.

As the journey through infusions progresses, the roasted essence gradually recedes, allowing the spotlight to illuminate the nuances of fruit, mineral sweetness, and a velvety smooth texture.

This tea can be steeped repeatedly (4-6 times) before it starts to lose its luster.

Ingredients: Rock oolong tea
Origin: Fujian, China