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Coconut Oolong - 50% OFF

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When re-ordering Tropical Coconut Oolong, our supplier sent us the wrong tea. They sent us "Coconut Oolong".

This tea is very similar, but contains an artificial flavor instead of a natural flavor. Curious about the difference? See our blog post: All About Tea Flavoring - Inclusions, Scenting, Oils, Natural vs Artificial Flavoring

Coconut Oolong uses a lovely organic Bao Zhong oolong (the same as Tropical Coconut Oolong) and dresses it up with coconut flavoring. The result is a very similar tea to Tropical Coconut Oolong that we've carried for years.
The only reason our supplier still produces this tea is because some of their older customers preferred it so much to the Tropical Coconut Oolong that they just couldn't let it go.
Our supplier wouldn't take this tea back, so we're offering it to you here at 50% off what it would have been priced. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Oolong tea, artificial flavor.
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend
Caffeine: LOW