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Harvest Moon

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Harvest Moon's aromas evolve as the different layers unfold. Initially, your senses are greeted by the harmonious blend of allspice and cinnamon, culminating in the comforting traces reminiscent of bread fresh from the oven. Upon infusion, the heat of the water allows the warm spices to bloom and flourish.

This tea boasts a vibrant scarlet liquor and tastes like a tart apple pie. Try it brewed in milk, like a traditional hot chocolate, and serve with a dash of nutmeg on top for a fun nighttime treat.

Ingredients: Dried apple pieces, cinnamon chips, hibiscus flowers, almond slivers, pistachios, pumpkin flakes (pumpkin, maltodextrin, corn flour [to prevent caking]), all natural flavor, beet root powder (a natural sweetener)
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend