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Physical Gift Card

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Our physical gift cards are a great gift to physically hand to a gift recipient in person, or to have mailed to their home.

Opening this card is a delightful experience! This 5x7 card is made with a beautiful heavy weight cardstock and has the feel of a high-quality wedding invitation.

Every card contains a unique code for your gift recipient to redeem on checkout.

There is ample room for you to write a custom message inside the card, but the card also looks great without one.

Pricing Guide:
Your lucky gift recipient can redeem their gift card for any products on, including teas, teaware, and subscriptions.

$30 Enough for any 1-box subscription.
$50 Enough for any 1-box subscription, and a few extras.
$100 Enough for any 3-box subscription, and a few extras.
$150 Enough for any 6-box subscription.
$200 Enough for any 6-box subscription, and a few extras.
$250 Enough for any 6-box subscription, and lots of extras.
$300 Enough for any 12-box subscription, some extras, or plenty of tea.
$500 Enough for plenty of tea, teaware, or subscriptions.
$1000 Great for corporate gifts, or someone who loves lots of top quality delicious tea.

Please note, there is a $5 fee on every physical gift card with less than a $150 value to cover the cost of manufacturing these beautiful cards.


  • Physical Gift Cards SHIP FREE via USPS to addresses in the United States. 
  • Ship times vary, but generally arrive to any address in the United States within a week.
  • If ordered alone, they will ship in unbranded envelopes (it will say Tea Runners on the return address) 

Redeeming the Gift Card

  • Valid for anything sold on
  • The value ticks down, so if only $60 is used on a $100 code, they still have $40 to use in the future
  • Gift Cards do not expire.