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Aged Golden Melon Ripe Pu-erh Tea Tuo

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This tea was pressed in 2005 at a small Menghai tea factory. The inherent character of the tea has been artfully preserved under dry aging conditions, resulting in mellowness and enhanced complexity. The outcome is a pu-erh that boasts sweetness, creaminess, and remarkable density.

This ripe pu-erh tea exhibits vibrant activity on the palate, showcasing a lush texture that encompasses all the coveted attributes one anticipates in a well-aged pu-erh.

Each tuo weighs approximately 25 grams, and there are 4 of them included in our 3.5 oz bags.

Steeping Tips

Be careful not to oversteep this tea. We recommend extremely brief steeps (10-20 seconds).

When steeping the entire tuo, you may be able to extend the process well beyond 15-20 steeps. We suggest breaking the tuo into smaller pieces, while ensuring not to steep any loose "dust" that may be separated. Using such dust could lead to an overpowering brew.

For devoted pu-erh enthusiasts, this is a fun tea!

Ingredients: Pu-erh tea.
Origin: Yunnan, China