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Sagarmatha Gold

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Award-Winning Tea
Sagarmatha Gold awarded 1st Place in an international tea tasting held at Mount Everest Base Camp in April 2018.

Named after Mount Everest, or "Sagarmatha" to the Nepalese, this stunning black tea is unlike any other. Tender buds are carefully plucked at 7,000 feet and naturally oxidized, resulting in a heady bouquet with a rich and chocolatey taste full of honey maple notes. Toasted almond hangs on the finish, creating a complex tea that is best appreciated in its pure form.

Sagarmatha Gold is one of our personal favorite black teas. It is not a strong bold black tea like an Assam, but rather a very well-balanced, fragrant, light black tea with notes of toasty bread and natural sweet honey.

Spring 2023 Harvest

Ingredients: Black tea.
Origin: Sumbek, Illam, Nepal
Caffeine: MED-HIGH